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JKTD Electronics is an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider or Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), which provides assembly of Printed Circuit Boards, Cable assemblies and harnesses and other electronics and electrical assemblies for OEM and other Outsourcing companies. JKTD is capable of assembly of thro' hole and SMD components and wiring of cable harness/ cordage using soldering, crimping and wrapping facilities




Our facilities include:

  • Sourcing and procurement of components.
  • Component pre-forming machines.
  • Wave soldering, Dip soldering and Temperature controlled Ovens.
  • Wire wrapping and crimping tools.
  • Temperature controlled Soldering stations.
  • SMD assembly line with stencil printer, pick and place machine and reflow oven.
  • Power supply, SMPS and other cards and cordage Test benches.
  • Troubles shoot/ repair and re-work station with Oscilloscope, digital multimeter and Insulation tester.




At JKTD, we do Prototypes and volume production manufacturing, cabinet build and assembly work at superior quality and with least delivery time.

We work with our clients to produce their Product, so that they can concentrate on their core competencies and what they do best.






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