PCB Assembly

Our main or core competence is in PCB Assembly. PCB with components mounted on is called an assembled PCB and the manufacturing process is called PCB assembly.

The PCB assembly process is a simple one, consisting of several automated and manual steps.

We do the two types of mounting technologies that are prevailing in the modern PCBA industry:

Surface Mount Technology: Sensitive components, some very small, such as resistors or diodes are placed automatically onto the surface of board. This is called SMD assembly, for surface mount device. Surface mount technology can be applied on small size components and integrated circuits (ICs).

Thru-Hole Technology: works well on components with leads or wires that have to be mounted on board by plugging them through holes on board. The extra lead part has to be soldered on the other side of the board. This technology is applied on PCB assemblies containing large components such as capacitors, coils to be assembled.

Cable Assembly/Harness Assembly

Cable Assembly

We manufacture custom cable assemblies for any configuration or requirement. We build to suit your specific needs, providing everything from cable design and engineering support to final manufacturing and electrical safety testing. We utilize automated cutting, stripping, and crimping processes whenever possible to improve process repeat-ability while increasing the overall quality of our products. We also employ Process Control techniques to ensure our products remain consistent

Cable Harness

We manufacture custom wire harness assemblies of various configurations and requirements. We are capable of producing individual wire harness assemblies as well as high volume orders, all while maintaining high quality standards and minimized production costs

Solar EV Products

Helius Off Grid Controller: We can help you move off the grid, Our Helius Off grid Controller, will help you move out of the Grid and you will not require to buy power from any of the DISCOMS.

It is a simple cost effective solution, which help you save a lot of money in the long term

Helius Off Grid Controller.

You will stop paying your monthly electricity bills completely or you will reduce your monthly electricity bills by 25 to 50% from what you pay currently.

We will assess your needs

We will assess your energy requirements and help come up with an Off grid solution that will remove your dependence of any DISCOM

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